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Offshore Wind in the Atlantic Would Provide Twice the Number of Jobs, Energy as Offshore Drilling

Oceana released a report on the number of jobs from offshore wind

The southeast corner of the Elsams Offshore Wind Farm at Horns Rev in the North Sea. An Oceana report found that offshore wind would provide twice the number of jobs and energy as offshore drilling in the Atlantic. (Photo: ©MEDVIND/Bent Sørensen/DONG Energy  A/S)

On Wednesday, Oceana released a report that found offshore wind energy in the Atlantic would produce twice the number of jobs and twice the amount of energy as those promised by the oil and gas industry. The report, “Offshore Energy by the Numbers, the Economic Analysis of Offshore Drilling and Wind Energy in the Atlantic," sought to not only provide an accurate comparison of oil and gas to wind energy, but also to outline the implications of each option on a state-by-state basis.

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Ocean Roundup: Fiddler Crabs Found Far North of Their Range, 500 Dead Sea Lions Discovered in Peru, and More

Fiddler crabs may be expanding their range northward

A fiddler crab (Uca pugnax). Fiddler crabs may be expanding their range northward from climate change. (Photo: b-cline / Flickr Creative Commons)

Editor’s Note: This is the last ocean roundup blog to be published before the Thanksgiving holiday, but be sure to check back on Monday, December 1 for more updates. Happy Thanksgiving!

- New 3D mapping around Antarctica found that sea ice surrounding Antarctica is thicker than thought. The scientists say it’s an important breakthrough to understanding how sea ice thickness and extent is changing. The Guardian

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Offshore Wind Advancements Take the Stage at AWEA Conference

American Wind Energy Association is hosting a wind conference

An offshore wind farm in the North Sea. (Photo: ©MEDVIND/Bent Sørensen/DONG Energy  A/S)

The U.S. offshore wind industry has picked up great momentum over the past year. To highlight recent advancements, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) will host its annual Offshore WINDPOWER Conference and Exhibition on October 7 and 8 at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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Ocean Roundup: Sand Tiger Shark Embryos Found to Eat Each Other, Wind Turbines Could Weaken Hurricane Intensity, and More

Sand tiger shark embryos engage in cannibalism

A sand tiger shark. Sand tiger shark embryos engage in cannibalism. (Photo: Mark Turner / Flickr Creative Commons)

- New research shows that young sea stars (Asterias rubens) in the Baltic Sea are more vulnerable to the effects of ocean acidification than adults. The scientists found that young sea stars grew slower and ate less under more acidic conditions. Science World Report

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Offshore Wind Development Moves Closer to Reality in Maryland, North Carolina Thanks to BOEM

Maryland and North Carolina move forward with offshore wind

An offshore wind farm in the North Sea. (Photo: © MEDVIND / Bent Sørensen / DONG Energy  A/S)

Big news keeps rolling in for offshore wind this summer! Yesterday, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) held its third competitive lease sale off the coast of Maryland for an area that comprises 80,000 acres of the outer Continental Shelf. Sixteen offshore wind developers competed to win the rights to develop this clean energy in two sections in the North Lease Area (32,737 acres) and the South Lease Area (46,970 acres), which are both at least ten miles off the coast of Ocean City.

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Ocean News: U.S. to Auction Off New Jersey Area for Offshore Wind, Baby Sea Turtles Found to Make Noises, and More

Offshore wind farm

An offshore wind farm. (Photo: Kim Hansen / Flickr Creative Commons)

- A New York-based seafood company and its executives pleaded guilty in federal court for fish fraud. The executives underreported the amount of summer flounder they caught between June 2009 and December 2011 by 56,000 pounds and used false documents to ship fish to customers. The Wall Street Journal

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Blue Growth Could Help Drive the European Economy, but at What Cost to the Oceans?

Shorthorn sculpin (Myoxocephalus scorpius) on blue mussels (Mytilus edulis)

Shorthorn sculpin (Myoxocephalus scorpius) on blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) in Knolls Grund, Western Gotland Basin, Sweden.

Blue Growth is a European strategy to drive the economy in the marine and maritime sector—through practices like deep sea mining, aquaculture, and more—but Oceana in Europe is advocating for the importance of long-term protection for marine ecosystems as a mean to instill sustainable economies and profitable fisheries in the long run. This article originally appeared on Oceana in Europe’s blog.

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DOE Gives Huge Boost to Clean Energy by Awarding Nearly $150 Million to Three Offshore Wind Projects

(Photo: Oceana/Pitu Rovirosa)

The promising future of a thriving domestic offshore wind industry moved one step closer to reality yesterday when the Department of Energy (DOE) selected three offshore wind demonstration projects, including a floating wind project on the West Coast, to receive $47 million each to help the projects deploy and begin delivering clean electricity by 2017.

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Hands Across the Sand: Building a Movement for Clean Energy

Hands Across the Sand 2012 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

A 2012 Hands Across the Sand event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. (Photo: Alex Johnson / Flickr Creative Commons)

“We must connect with generations past, generations present, and generations future and weave a thread of balance and wisdom for our planet.  Forget borders, forget the elements that separate us.  We have done our damage, we now have the power to undo and together, join hands and build a path that sustains us all.”

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Wind Power: Changing the Way We Live off the Earth

(Photo: Siemens AG Energy Sector/Paul Langrock Agentur Zenit)

Earth Day has us contemplating our relationship with the blue planet in years to come.

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